Witt Oxybaby

OXYBABY® – mobile hand held gas analyser Gas analyser OXYBABY® O2 & O2/CO2 is the practical battery-operated hand held gas analyser for measurement of modified atmospheres in food packages (MAP). The perfect device for mobile, fast and accurate samples: at the packaging machine, in packages or in the laboratory. The small, high capacity analyser features ergonomic design, short sample times, minimal sample gas requirements and is easy to use. Version 6.0 with the USB port or the optional Bluetooth interface provide a fast and easy data communication for data transfer or for the connection of a separate printer. More options available e.g. barcode reader, documentation software, can piercer for measurements of bottles or cans. It also has a unique feature to avoid wrong measurements – permanent flow control with automatic alarm in case of a needle or filter blockage. Gas analyser OXYBABY® is available as basic version M+ or as premium version 6.0. For measuring a pressurised system, Version “P” is available. This model incorporates a regulator to step down the pressure. Version 6.0 can also register what this pressure is on it’s display (up to 10 bar) When evaluating an analyser also consider servicing. NGP offers a back to factory servicing system with rental units to cover you whilst your Oxybaby is being serviced.

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