ProLine Air-Acetylene

ProLine systems are designed for use with either acetylene or LPG. There is a system specifically for each gas and the systems are NOT inter-changeable between the gas types.

Acetylene ProLine regulators are designed to connect directly onto standard acetylene Type 20 cylinders. Swirl combustion using the acetylene makes them ideal for fast brazing. Where brazing speed is not essential, the LPG versions are recommended. To make it easy for you, NGP has grouped the ProLine components into systems depending on how many self-lighting tips you want. ProLine torch handles also accept a range of standard acetylene tips namely A-2, A-3, A-5, A-8, A-11, A-14, A-32.

For details on tip specification, copper pipe brazing sizes for silver solder and soft solder, view the PDF.

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