ARTorch and hose set

Aus/NZ connections. Replacement torch set

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  • Complete ARTorch kit (Made in USA)
  • Tips 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 included
  • Torch handle with control valves
  • 1.8M twin hose connected to torch handle with Australian 5/8″ UNF nuts
  • Propane Regulator with CGA600 inlet, 5/8″ UNF LH out. 0-150 kPa gauge
  • Oxygen Regulator with M12 inlet, 5/8″ UNF RH out. Contents gauge & adjustable up to 10 bar on delivery gauge

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Need a new torch but your tips are OK?

Buy this set as an easy replacement.

Fits Smith Little Torch tips as well

Connections: 5/8″ UNF RH+LH for Australian/N.Z.

Hose length: 1.82 metres



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