AV 919-ES: 5 – 500 mbar

Thread sizes: 2" BSP RH Female, 2" NPT female, 1½" NPT female

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  • individual opening pressure
  • TÜV-certification of pressure setting
  • available in anodized aluminum or stainless steel (ES)
  • sealing material to suit gas or at customer’s request
  • compact size for easy, problem-free installation
  • adapter for connection to ventilation pipe
  • free of oil and grease

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Opening pressure from 5 – 500mbar. Housing stainless steel
Thread size: 2″ BSP RH Female, 2″ NPT female, 1½” NPT female

The WITT safety relief valve AV919 is used to avoid the lowest overpressure.

The vital benefit compared to competitive products is its high accuracy response in the range from 5 to 500 mbar the special valve makes it possible to control even the smallest increases in pressure. This low opening pressure in combination with a fair price makes this device almost unrivaled. It is used in many different applications.

By blowing off the gas the pressure in the receiver and pipeline is relieved reliably before reaching the operating limit. Sensitive systems can thus be protected from expensive damage. If required the factory preset opening pressure can be tested and certified by the TÜV. By using different material combinations and depending on customer’s requirements the AV919 is suitable for a wide temperature range from -40 to +300 °C. It can be used for nearly all technical and corrosive gases and has various input and output connections available. The AV919 safety valve measures 90 mm by 170 mm for easy installation and is the perfect solution for many different applications, e.g.:
For protective atmospheres

  • in furnaces for heat treatment of metal
  • in the optical industry for transport containers of high-tech components
  • in the production of solar cells
  • for Selective Laser Melting (SLM)

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

  • in receivers or pipelines with toxic or corrosive gases

Available in stainless steel also


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