Control Unit AWS-Analogue

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Control unit for MFC – Analogue

Analogue Control Unit designed to optimise the use and properties of the Witt MFC gas mixing systems

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  • analogue Control Unit designed to optimize the use and properties of WITT MFC gas mixing systems
  • only 1 AWE required for each 2-gas MFC mixer
  • integrated power supply – no external mains adapter for the MFC’s required
  • display of actual value freely scalable – simple adaption of different measuring ranges
  • set point selection by high precision potentiometer
  • remote transmission of set point and actual values for the integration into external control systems
  • convenient flame adjustment by individual or proportional MFC setting (Master-Slave-Mode)
  • 19“ cartridge housings for easy installation
  • desktop housings for up to 4 cartridges available

Other models, options and accessories available upon request. Please identify the individual gases at the time of enquiring!

Our gas mixers are always aligned to the needs of the customer. Please tell us your requirements, we will realize them.


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