Flame Tech 7500 series

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Flame Tech’s 7500 Hand Cutting Torch is a heavy duty torch designed for rugged environments. This torch features a safe, tip-mix design. The 7500 series torch uses Flame Tech’s “A-Scrapper” or Airco® compatible cutting tips, and is ideal for heavy cutting in scrap yards and steel mill operations. This heavy duty torch when using these tips can hand cut up to 14″ of steel.


  • Solid Bronze Head
  • Heavy Duty Nozzle Mixing Torch
  • Three Stainless Tubes in Triangular Format
  • Light Weight Multi-Tasking Torch
  • Can be specified in 70°, 90° or 180° head
  • Custom lengths available


  • Safety First – Reduced Flashback
  • Maximum Strength, Greater Rigidity
  • Low Maintenance, Longer Lasting
  • Ease of Operation

Ask about our range of WITT flashback arrestors specifically designed for high flow cutting torches


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