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  • Max Inlet Pressure: 20,000 kPa @ 15˚C
  • Outlet Pressure: up to 1,200 kPa
  • Gauges: 50mm diameter brass
  • Connections: 1” BSP RH Nut/Nipple inlet ½” NPT (F) outlet

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200 bar replacement for Cigweld™ TR92

The GS92 regulator is suitable for use on high flow applications such as pipeline supply systems or heavy cutting or heating applications. The inlet connection includes a replace sintered filter and an o-ring seal nipple. The regulator has the same porting configuration as the TR92 Compact regulator allowing for upgrading of older systems with minimal modification. The default body outlet connection is ½”NPT female to ensure there is a reduced possibility of a flow restriction in the outlet fitting.


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