Harris Model 987

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  • High delivery range
  • Stainless steel diaphragm for strength and accuracy
  • Large easy to read gauges
  • Brass bonnet & body – maximum safety, strength
  • Sintered monel metal inlet filter to trap impurities
  • Rated to 380 Bar for Inert Gases

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Quantity Available: 100

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Delivery pressures of 0-100 bar and 0-170 bar.

For Nitrogen and Oxygen service.

The Model 987 High Pressure Cylinder Regulator is designed specially for applications that require a range of delivery pressures from 0-10,000kPa and 0-17,000kPa accurately and safely.

Available for all non-corrosive gases used in oil refineries, chemical plants, research laboratories, defence and general industry where high working pressures are required.

Suitable for hydro-generation, catalytic reductions, accelerated testing and pressure testing.



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