LifeGuard Air EHP – Type 61 connection

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Available sizes

  • 800mm
  • 1.8M
  • 3.0M

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LifeGuard™ extra high pressure hoses suitable for Air with ¼” PTFE liner, stainless steel double braid outer Patent Pending internal cable shuts off gas supply in both directions and eliminates whip should a hose fault occur. The higher the gas pressure, the more important this safety feature becomes. Don’t compromise on an external anti-whip cable when you can have LifeGuard™

Hose assembly end connections: Stainless steel

Hose: Double braid 304 stainless steel. PTFE ¼” liner (316 braid also available)

Maximum Working Pressure: 315 Bar

Inlet connection: Brass Type 61

Outlet connection: Brass 3/8″ BSP RH nut

Stocked sizes

  • 800mm
  • 900mm
  • 1800mm
  • 3000mm
  • all other sizes on request


Download PDF.

Functional Diagram & Safety Hose System

What is LifeGuard Safety Hose Technology


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