Gas Mixer KM20-ECO

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  • prevents over-carbonation (saving time, product and money)
  • optimum adjustment of blend settings to the specific beverage
  • avoids need for multiple pre-mix stocks (saving costs)
  • easy handling, blends are factory-set and tamper-proof
  • pneumatic operating principle, no electrical connections required
  • fail-safe design (unit shuts down on failure of either gas supply)
  • robust, compact design
  • fully interchangeable with other systems available on the market

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Specially designed mixer for beverage dispense applications. It provides 1 or 2 pre-set gas blends of carbon dioxide (CO2) and / or nitrogen (N2) used for pressurization of beverage dispense systems, such as beer kegs.


Our gas mixers are always aligned to the needs of the customer. Please tell us your requirements, we will realize them.


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