Manual Manifolds [Various]

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NGP Gas Control Technology (GCT) Series Manual Manifolds are specially designed to regulate compressed gases in high pressure cylinders (up to 300 bar) and are ideal for manifold applications not requiring automatic changeover from the service to the secondary bank.

Starting with a clean slate, NGP has re-designed the typical manual manifold from the ground up. Traditional manifolds meant an upgrade from a 1×1 to 2×2 was an expensive exercise.

This has been eliminated with the GCT Series. NGP incorporate a 2×2 format within the standard manifold. This future-proofs your investment should you need to expand your gas requirements as your business grows.

The design hinges around the inlet header blocks. These header blocks allow multiple connection ports for further high pressure hose connections, purge valves, pressure switches and gauge points.

Manifolds can be supplied with or without cylinder leads. See our separate hoses section for options of ARMA-flex or LifeGuard ‘smart’ hoses.

For high purity gas applications the manifolds are chrome plated, and inlet purge valves fitted.


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