Inlet Pressure Monitoring with Alarm Module NXT+

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For use with MD, MDV & MDE

Pressure control unit for the compensation of fluctuations of the system pressures. For the supply of WITT gas mixing and metering systems (MD, MDV and MDE).

Available for 3 gases

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Quantity Available: 100

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Separate inlet pressure monitoring, also integrated available. A gas inlet pressure controlling for a variety of industrial applications. Permanent inlet pressure monitoring to guarantee quality and productivity of production processes. One of the advanced solutions for monitoring gas inlet pressures in gas mixing systems.
The unit controls the gas pressures at the inlets of the gas mixer and in the receiver, ensures a constant quality process.


  • simultaneous monitoring of up to 3 gas inlets
  • intuitive operation by membrane key pad in combination with LCD-Display and green LEDs
  • different user levels
  • permanent display of measured pressures

High process reliability:

  • error messages or exceeding of threshold limits triggers an alarm and switches a potential-free contact (e.g. to shut down machinery to avoid quality problems)
  • data transfer via USB port
  • continuous monitoring of freely adjustable limit values


  • for flammable gases available as Ex-version in separate control cabinet
  • data cable
  • ALARM CONTROL-Software license code for comprehensive administration
  • integrated measured data logging
  • integrated digital printer

Other models, options and accessories available on request.
Please identify the individual gases at the time of enquiring!


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