Witt quick coupler set – Regulator end Oxygen/Air (NGP3593)

5/8"-18 RH

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Combination of coupler body and probe.

Disconnect the probe and the body shuts off the gas supply

Direction of flow: 5/8″-18 RH nut to 5/8″-18 RH male

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WITT Couplings offer lightning fast connection and disconnection of torch & regulator. You get no uncontrolled escape of gas when disconnected because of the automatic cut off valve in the body. Stainless steel probes with colour coding are different across the gases so there is no confusion when connecting.

  1. Probe made from stainless steel with hardness of 25 Rockwell
  2. Seals the probe before gas can flow
  3. Automatic cut-off valve prevents dangerous escape of gases when disconnected
  4. Non-return valve prevents dangerous backfeeding of gases
  5. Dirt filter prevents damage by dirt or particles
  6. Safety lock locks the probe


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