Victor SR311 CO2

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  • Machined aluminium body and housing cap
  • 52mm Gauges
  • Stem type seat mechanism
  • 46mm diaphragm
  • Self reseating relief valve (Not designed to protect downstream apparatus)
  • Sintered inlet filter
  • Flow Range 12 – 50 LPM
  • Type 30 inlet connection – CO2 (others on request)
  • Outlet Connection: 5/8″ – 18 RH male (not shown)
  • Maximum Inlet 10,335 kPa (1500 PSIG)

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The SR311-320 CO2 Flowmeter adjustable pressure regulator is specifically designed for use with standard (non-siphoned) carbon dioxide cylinders. Our unique design incorporates aluminium heat sink fins which permit high flow rates without freeze-up or noticeable change in pressure or flow. Converted for use in Australia/NZ.



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