Witt Gas Mixer KM100-3MEM+

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  • fast mixing adjustment < 3 sec. by simultaneous adjustment of mixing valves
  • control by PC, PDA, PLC of machine, etc.

    – remote control
– easy documentation of parameter settings to meet quality management requirements
– only one control unit for an infinite number of mixing systems
– fixed gas mixtures according to product type possible
– monitoring of parameters and valve positions possible at any time
– current position is readable on display

Note: Features depend on the type of the control system used.

  • mixture settings in steps of 0.1%
  • high mixing accuracy
  • simple to operate via touch-screen (after activation)
  • gas mixers can be linked to PC or PLC (e.g. CAN-Bus option)
  • due to the real zero flow it is possible at mixers with 3 gas mixtures to mix 2 gas mixtures
  • independent of pressure fluctuations in the gas supply
  • independent of packaging speeds and sizes of packages (packaging industry)
  • integrated monitoring of gas supply for higher process safety. Low pressures set off an alarm and switch a potential-free contact (e.g. to shut down machinery and avoid quality problems)
  • perfect hygiene due to splash-proof housing with smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces of brushed stainless steel
  • inlet pressure failures are displayed

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Electronic gas mixing system with motor-driven mixing valve for various technical applications. A further innovation founded on the basis of the well proven WITT-mixing valve technology.


  • continual monitoring and documentation of gas mixtures by optional gas analyser
  • pre-assembly of mixer on receiver for easier on-site installation
  • audible alarm
  • visual alarm (flash light)

Attention: These mixers require a receiver with sufficient volume (according to output from 10 to 100 Litre)

Our gas mixers are always aligned to the needs of the customer. Please tell us your requirements, we will realise them


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