Manual Manifolds [Various]

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  • Manual manifold for Oxygen, Air, Argon, Argon mixes, Nitrogen, CO2, Acetylene, Hydrogen, LPG, Fuel Gases
  • Future-proof – rated to 300 bar
  • Additional hose inlets (< 1×1) can be added
  • GCT Series manifolds are designed to be retrofitted into an existing manifold set up
  • Non-return valve for each hose inlet in header blocks
  • Contents gauges
  • High performance, accurate pipeline regulator built in
  • A range of pipeline supply pressures available
  • Regulator control is removable to avoid tampering
  • All GCT Series manifolds are oxygen cleaned and selected items are nickel plated
  • Manifold mounted on stainless steel backing board. 4 tek screws secure it to the wall
  • Individual serial number and manifold detail on name plate
  • Optional pipeline safety kits incorporating WITT flashback arrestor, safety relief valve & isolation valve
  • Choose from a huge selection of LifeGuard safety hoses or ARMA-flex high pressure hoses
  • Optional alarm can be added
  • Option NGP gas preHeaters can be added to reduce freezing effects during high flows of CO2/CO2 mixes

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