Witt Oxybaby

Portable, economical,  hand-held gas analyser OXYBABY® for Oxygen only (O2), or for Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide (O2/CO2), for the measurement of modified atmospheres in food packages (MAP).

The perfect device for mobile, fast and accurate analysis of sealed packs, at the packaging machine, or in the laboratory. The small, high-capacity analyser features ergonomic design, short sample times, minimal sample gas requirements and is very easy to use. Version 6.0 with the USB port or the optional Bluetooth interface provide fast and easy data communication, data transfer or connection to a thermal printer.

OXYBABY® is available as the standard version M+ or as premium version 6.0.  For measuring a pressurised system, Version P is available. This model incorporates a regulator to step down the pressure. Version 6.0 will also provide a pressure reading (up to 10 bar).   For medical applications, the Oxybaby MED is the ideal instrument for portable, fast and highly accurate testing of gases in hospital settings.

Speak to one of our of our gas control equipment specialists about which analyser would best suit your application and objectives.

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