9500 Series Dual Stroke Liquid Refill Station – CO2 & N2O

Complete system includes pump, scale & hoses

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  • Drive Ratio 9:1
  • Pump: Liquefied gases only
  • Drive Air requirements 120-140psi (8.3 – 9.6bar)
  • Drive Air Volume: 5.7 lpm @ 90 cycles per minute
  • Rugged extruded aluminium body
  • Efficient dual stroke design reduces air drive demand
  • Converted by NGP for use in Australia/N.Z. (other countries by request)

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Liquified Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide Refill Station
• Complete System includes pump, scale and hose set
• Excellent for on-demand filling of customer cylinders
• Patented double ended pump with a 9:1 ratio
• Momentary fill button ensures operator attention
• “Economizer” fill valve bleeds pressure to cylinder while maintaining pressure in pump
• Lube-free operation
• Portable, powered by shop air or remaining pressure in spent cylinders
• Increased Revenue
• Safely fill small cylinders


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