Extension coil, Acetylene or Hydrogen, Type 20 [NGP2024]

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5/8″ BSP LH

2 x Male to 1 x Female thread

Manufactured from brass with stainless steel tube. Tested to 200 bar

Connect three or more cylinders together. Requires an end connection coil (NGP2022) and a tee junction block (NGP2021)

Note:  Withdrawal rates from acetylene cylinders are limited to about 1/7th of the cylinder contents.  For cylinders of 7m³ capacity, the maximum recommended flow is 1m³/hr (17 l/min).  For applications exceeding this capacity, cylinders should be manifolded – if in doubt refer to the gas supplier.  This means that for all portable large heating applications, a temporary acetylene manifold should be used.


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