Gas-Arc Lab-Master LGL Series (5.0 Purity)

Side inlet, side (or bottom) outlet. 1.5 bar, 3.5 bar & 12 bar adjustable

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  • Available in Wall, Bench or Duct mounting configurations
  • Four port configuration
  • Encapsulated seat design
  • Low wetted surface area
  • LGL = side inlet (RHS), outlet (LHS or bottom)
  • Fully compliant with BCGA Codes of Practice CP4 and CP6
  • 1/4” NPT female inlet and outlet ports
  • Rear mount M6 holes for bracket
  • Extended inlet available for bench mount configuration
  • Flashback arrestor kit available for fuel gas applications
  • Designed and manufactured in Norfolk, UK.

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Designed for the secondary regulation of low pressure pipeline high purity (up to grade 5.0) gases to a stable outlet pressure, the Lab-Master range of plated brass pipeline outlet points and regulators are ideally suited to secondary line pressure regulation at the point of use in laboratory, research and development, analytical facilities and many industries.


  • Body:              Nickel Plated Brass Barstock
  • Bonnet:           High Strength Alloy
  • Diaphragm:     316L Stainless Steel
  • Seal:               PTFE
  • Seat:               Polyamide (Nylon®)
  • Filter:              10 Micron 316L stst


  • Maximum Inlet Pressure:   60 bar (870 psi)
  • Delivery Pressure:            3.5 bar (50 psi)       12 bar (174 psi)
  • Gauges:                            50mm (2″) Diameter
  • Temperature:                    -20°C to +60°C
  • Flow Coefficient (Cv):       0.1
  • Weight:                             1.1 kg




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