Kit with torch, tips & regulators for disposable cylinders

M12 Oxygen connection, CGA600 MAPP or Propane tank

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$385.00 Inc. GST

  • Complete ARTorch kit (Made in USA)
  • Tips 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 included
  • Torch handle with control valves
  • 1.8M twin hose connected to torch handle with Australian 5/8″ UNF nuts
  • Propane Regulator with CGA600 inlet, 5/8″ UNF LH out. 0-150 kPa gauge
  • Oxygen Regulator with M12 inlet, 5/8″ UNF RH out. Contents gauge & adjustable up to 10 bar on delivery gauge

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Want to try jewellery making but concerned about the expense or size of the large rental type cylinders? Maybe the thought of lugging those heavy steel cylinders in and out of the workspace is just too much. Or maybe you’re just a true hobbyist and like the idea of having a small torch around the workshop to do the odd job.
Well this might be the perfect kit for you. This kit is designed for larger Oxygen disposable tanks with a M12 connection on them. Some tanks, like the one’s we stock, are 110 bar pressure and have 242 liters (0.24m³) of Oxygen in them. Our other portable kit has a cylinder connection for Oxygen tanks that are truly portable but this does come at the cost of limited Oxygen supply. It would not be long before you were reaching for another tank. We estimate about 20-30 mins burn time, depending on the tip. With these larger 2.2ltr (by volume) tanks, you get significantly more oxygen to use for your jobs. A neutral flame for Oxygen and Propane is at a ratio of 4:1 so you are always going to use much more Oxy than your fuel gas all the time.
This complete ARTorch kit (includes 5 tips), is bundled with a pair of regulators that connect directly to the disposable cylinders. Gauges are provided to allow accurate setting of pressures for the torch tips.
Kit shown in photo may be used with disposable MAPP (propylene) or propane and M12 oxygen cylinders (Cylinders not included). NOTE: Disposable oxygen and fuel tanks may be purchased at hardware & camping chains and welding/gas suppliers. NGP stocks Oxygen tanks with M12 thread connection in 110 bar contents pressure. You can select them at cart stage when you purchase or see the Accessories Category.
Note: Can be used with LP Multi-Flame (Rosebud) tip.
Connections are to Australian Standard, 5/8″-18 between hoses and regulators
These regulators are also available as separate items.  See Accessories Category.
No cylinders sold with this kit. Oxygen cylinders can be ordered separately



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