M500 series – Medium Flows

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The M500 range of auto change-over manifolds for medium flows.

M500 for industrial applications

PM500 for laboratory applications

HM500 for scientific applications

The M500 range of auto change-over manifolds are compact supply systems for installations requiring uninterrupted medium capacities of non-corrosive gases.

The auto manifold consists of two banks of cylinders, one on each side of the pressure control assembly.

The position of the lever determines which bank of cylinders is “in use” and which is in “reserve”. The manifold draws gas from the “in use” cylinder bank until it is emptied.

The manifold then automatically starts drawing gas from the “reserve” cylinder bank. When the emptied cylinder bank has been replaced the lever should be moved to the other side to reset the manifold. This resetting of the manifold swaps the “in-use” and “reserve” supply banks.

This ensures that gas is taken from the partial emptied supply bank, leaving the recently replaced supply bank in “reserve”.

Models are available for industrial and laboratory applications. There is also a range of optional accessories available for use with the manifold allowing it to be configured to a wide variety of specifications. For more detailed information on these accessories contact NGP.

There are separate auto manifold models specifically designed for medical applications.


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