MG50-A, MG100-A, MG200-A

Oxygen 0-2.5% Balance Nitrogen. Outlet pressure to 19 Bar

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Individual solutions to maximise gas purity and cost-effectiveness

  • O2 supply range 0-2.5%. Balance N2
  • Inlet pressures = min. 22 bar
  • Outlet pressure: up to 19 bar
  • Additional 3 way ball valve to by-pass mixer if required
  • the correct quantity of gas, every time
  • the exact mixing ratio, every time
  • cost-effective, flexible solution

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Laser technology has been the method of choice in sheet metal processing for many years. The laser delivers first-class cutting results regardless of the type and thickness of the material. In laser cutting, process gases play an important role in cutting quality. The desired results can only be achieved if the quality of the cutting gas remains constant. AMADA GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of high-quality laser cutting machines, achieves optimum process results by equipping its machines with WITT gas mixers.
High-quality process gases are used for consistent, first-class cutting results. The cutting gas or a cutting gas mixture is supplied to the cutting process via a nozzle system.  This shields the cutting area from negative influences from the ambient air, and also expels molten material is expelled from the cut. AMADA prefers a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen for cutting certain materials. The nitrogen serves as a flushing gas and at the same time has the function of cooling the surroundings of the laser beam; the oxygen in turn promotes the actual cutting process.

Depending on size requirements, models from the WITT MG product series are used. The gas mixers work with mechanical proportional mixing valves – a process that delivers high precision gas mixtures, has long-term stability and is extremely robust at the same time.


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