Cap’n Hook brazing tip. Oxy/Fuel, 5 flames. Brazing up to 1″

Connects to the welding mixer of a Comet style torch

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Tip wraps around up to 1″ copper tube for up to 3 x faster brazing speed

Thread fits standard Comet style torch/blowpipe mixers

Tough, durable stainless steel construction

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The patented Cap’n Hook Tip with a concentrated heat up to 3100°C. The 40° flame angle flows onto copper tubing and away from sensitive areas, thus minimising the chances of burning adjacent components. You get 100% wraparound for even heat distribution.

We have received feedback from a HVAC service agent that their time on job has been significantly reduced by using a Cap’n Hook brazing tip. Not only does it quickly remove the heated tube for replacement but the clean up time on swap out means he can halve a 3 hour job!

Best of all, this tip has been modified in our factory to fit any COMET™, BOC or comparable torch/blowpipe that uses the standard Type 550 welding mixer (usually sold with the torch). Simply screw it on and set the pressures as per below. (NOTE – Not using the torch mentioned above? That’s OK, we can make this tip fit most of the torch systems available. Simply email us for options)

Regulator set pressures

Acetylene: 5 psi   Oxygen: 8 psi

LPG: 5 psi    Oxygen: 10 psi

Additional information

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Dimensions 22 × 18 × 3 cm


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