CO2 and Inert Auto changeover manifold

For beverage systems, inert blanketing. Cylinder use only. Maximum 200 Bar

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  • Manifold incorporates two internal piston regulators that can feed your existing cylinder regulator or second stage regulators
  • Priority Select knob allows service personnel to designate which cylinder is considered primary
  • Contents gauges for both banks
  • You can easily grow your system by adding extra hoses and fittings when needed
  • Installation is quick and simple. Bracket included
  • Eliminate the need to change cylinders mid pour. No emergencies on a Saturday night!


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INFINITY auto changeover manifold senses a depleted cylinder and automatically switches to the reserve cylinder.

Finally a low cost system that is incredibly reliable and works. Add one cylinder or many per side and never run out of gas again

Combine the Infinity with a diaphragm regulator for beverage and postmix, or a piston regulator for high flow brewery and blanketing operations (where exact pressure is not required)

Note: Consideration must be given for safe venting if installed in a confined space


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