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Available with 737LE HD, 737LE & 772LE

WITT high performance and low maintenance dome pressure regulators are well-proven for pressure reduction in many industrial applications. Previously, suitable pilot pressure regulators, upstream/downstream pressure gauges and various connection parts had to be procured and installed separately. Now WITT is able to offer the 737 and 772 series dome pressure regulators as a complete ready-to-install system. This complete ready to install solution saves time and installation costs, which are very significant benefits for customers.

This system is supplied ready to install and comprises a dome pressure regulator, pilot pressure regulator, upstream/downstream pressure gauge as well as inlet and outlet connections with ¾“ BSP Female thread for easy connection to different pipe connections.
Each single component (pressure regulator, pressure gauge) can be rotated and can be individually adjusted to meet the application and space available. Additional free connections offer more flexibility and enable, for example, the integration of a pressure transmitter for central pressure control systems.

The WITT 737 series is one of the most powerful dome pressure regulators of its kind and has passed the one-time inspection by the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM / Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing) for burnout-safety, even when used with oxygen at a pressure of 200 bar. It offers a nominal gas flow rate of up to 650 m³/hr.


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