Harris SG905BR high purity semi auto changeover manifold

Grade 5.0. Perfect for labs. 0-125psi adjustable outlet

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Maximum pressure: 3000psi (207 bar)
Two stage pressure regulation
Process line isolation valve (not shown)
Encapsulated seat design
Twin cylinder configuration
Wall mount panel
Maximum flow rate 140 lpm
Inlet/outlet – ¼” NPT


  • plated brass barstock body
  • high strength alloy bonnet
  • Neoprene outlet diaphragm
  • First stage diaphragm 316L stst
  • Polyamide (Nylon) seat

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The Harris SG905 BR is a brass plated, two stage differential auto change control panel and is designed for primary pressure gas control of non-corrosive or toxic, technical gases up to grade 5.0 purity (99.999%), on gas distribution systems where constant delivery pressure is required.

The user re-sets the primary bank by turning the knob when the manifold has flipped across to the ‘Reserve’ side. This differential switchover pressure is 160-180 psi. Similar procedure to a Gascon manifold. Pipeline control regulator at the top with adjustment from 0-125 psi.

Gauged and adjustable safety relief valve below with connection for venting

NGP has LifeGuard high pressure hoses in all configurations, flashback arrestors, NRV’s, SRV’s, fliters, ball valves, alarms and point-of-use regulators to accompany this manifold. NGP will customise to your requirements.


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Maximum Inlet     –        60 bar (870 PSI) / 300 bar (4350 PSI)*   Pressure

Delivery Pressure –       3.5 bar (50 PSI)/6 bar(90 PSI)/10 bar        Range                                        (150 PSI)

Gauge                  – 50mm (2”) Diameter

Ports                   –  ¼” NPT Female

Temperature Range   –    -20° C to +60° C (-4° F to +140° F)

Flow Coefficient (Cv)   –    0.078

Weight                           –               8.00kg (17.64 lbs)****



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