High pressure, high flow, semi-auto Nitrogen manifold – for Lasers etc

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If you are looking for a option that changes your Nitrogen over automatically from one pack to your reserve, then look no further.
With 300 bar inlet pressure to accept EHP N2 packs and a massive 40 bar outlet pressure, the Druva Tec high flow, 100m³/hr semi auto manifold has the performance to match your application.
Bolt it to the wall, match this with LifeGuard EHP safety hoses in pack lengths, connect to your pipework. Done.

> Metallic sealing of the shut-off valves and pressure regulators to the atmosphere by Elgiloy/Hastelloy
> No increase of outlet pressure with decreasing inlet pressure due to the use of a pressure regulator with
inlet pressure compensation
> Very compact design
> Easy installation of the manifolds by using split plates in the stst backing board

> Shut-off valves- Design and production in accordance with ISO 10297 including oxygen ignition test for main
shut-off valves
> WITT Safety Relief Valve – pipeline protection
> Pressure regulator- Design and production in accordance with ISO 7291 including oxygen ignition test
> Additional life cycle test in accordance with CGA E-4 4.6 for the pressure regulator
> Electrostatic chargeability test
• Fulfills requirements according to ISO 80079-36, IEC TS 60079-32-1 and German TRGS 727
• Usable in EX- sides zones 1 and 2 for gases with explosion risk group I, IIA, IIB, IIC

> Working temperature: -40 °C to +60 °C
> Inlet pressure: 300 bar
> Outlet pressure: 40 bar
> Nominal flow: 100 m³/h (N2) in accordance with ISO 7291 at 20 bar outlet pressure and 41 bar inlet pressure
> Weight of basic version: 10.5 kg
> Inlet/outlet ports: M18 RH, ½” FNPT
> Leakage rate seat: less than 50 cm³/h; (23° C; 1,013 bar absolute)
> Leakage rate outside: less than 6 cm³/h (23° C; 1,013 bar absolute)

> Filter: 1x Inlet
> Material gas wetted parts:
• Regulator body: Brass
• Regulator diaphragm: Hastelloy
• Regulator seal: PVDF
• Regulator seat: PCTFE
• Relief valve seal: FKM
• Regulator poppet: Brass
• Pressure compensation seal: FKM
> Display pressure gauges rates at inlet (in brackets- inlet pressure rates): 400 (300) bar
> Display pressure gauges rates at outlet (in brackets- outlet pressure rates): 65 (40) bar
> Cracking pressure relief valves (in brackets – outlet pressure stage): 56 (40) bar

> Filter: 1x per inlet | 1x per outlet
> Seat diameter: 7 mm
Material gas wetted parts:
• Valve body Brass
• Valve seat PCTFE
• Valve poppet Brass
• Valve diaphragm Hastelloy / Elgiloy

Ground plate:
• Stainless Steel (polished)
• Dimensions ground plate: 190H x 30W x 230L mm
• Grounding bolt
• Cut outs on top and bottom allows installation

Front plate:
• Stainless Steel (polished)
• Cut outs for replacement of gauges
• Free space for additional installer label (e.g. remark for next maintenance)
• Dimensions front plate: 194H x 30W x 400L mm
• Marking on panel: Product range label
• QR-Code – link to product overview and from there to the instruction manual of the manifold



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