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  • simple to operate via Touch-Screen
  • freely programmable gas mixtures can be selected at the press of a button or by bar code scanner
  • simplified analysis of results by digital data bus
  • optimised gas consumption helps to reduce costs, user definable settings for each different product is possible (only in combination with an analyser)
  • low maintenance

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Gas mixing systems for 2 or 3 defined gases, designed for packaging using a protective atmosphere in the food industry.

Applicable for all types of packaging  machines; whether vacuum, thermoforming, pillow bags or manually-sealed compartments.

The KM-FLOW uses electronic mass flow controllers (MFC) instead of conventional proportional valves for mixing gases.

Combined with a built in analyser, the results are a maximisation of the packaging quality accompanied by minimisation of the gas consumption. This efficient workflow can be ideally realized with MFC.

Capacity range 10 up to 500 Nl/min for each gas line.


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