N Series heating tip: N-3

For Air-NG/LPG. Use with Casting Torch 7L

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N Series tips are the most economical to operate and are used for soldering, brazing, melting, casting and more. Flames adjust from soft brush to sharp, high intensity concentrated heat.

Rear thread connection: 7/16-24 female

34-00100             N-0 Tip, Ø 16mm w/ 1.65mm centre hole (7/16-24 female connection)

34-00110             N-1 Tip, Ø 16mm w/ 2.4mm centre hole (7/16-24 female connection)

34-00120             N-2 Tip, Ø 19mm w/ 4mm centre hole (7/16-24 female connection)

34-00130             N-3 Tip, Ø 22mm w/ 4.75mm centre hole (7/16-24 female connection)

34-00070             N-4A Tip, Ø 28.6mm, centre 6.7mm (7/16-24 female connection)

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