Jewellery torch replacement twin hose set

Suitable for most micro torches

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$110.00 Inc. GST

1.82 metres length

5/8″-18 connections

Red = Fuel

Green = Oxygen

Item #: 1722
Quantity Available: 37

37 in stock (can be backordered)


Oxy-Fuel hose for mini torches. This hose is rubber lined with a wear resistant webbing outer, colour coded for each gas.

Kit comes complete with Australian/N.Z. 5/8″-18 connecting nuts. 2 brass ferrules at the torch end slide on to the torch barbs with the help of the supplied tool.

Unless you are confident, fitting up this hose can be a bit tricky so we recommend you send us your torch and fittings and we do the job professionally in our factory.



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