Type 10/20 spigot with NRV [NP-188CV]

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Non-return valve built in to Type 10 spigot.

Check valve spigots are factory tested and installed in Type 10/20 spigots for additional safety in gas systems etc to prevent dangerous reverse flow of gases in lines and other compressed gas equipment.

Ideal for hoses connected to a manifold system. Also reduces contamination of gas in hoses.

NOTE: These check valves protect against reverse flow only and are not flashback arrestors (see our flashback arrestor section for these)

Maximum Working Pressure: 3000psi

Oxygen cleaned.

Can be added to any hose for Oxygen, Argon/mixes, Helium, Acetylene, Hydrogen, LPG, Fuel gases that NGP assembles. Get in touch with sales to request.



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