What’s so great about TurboTorch?

TurboTorch™ is an American brand of air/fuel brazing products especially designed for Plumbers, HVAC Mechanics, Hobbyists, Craft makers, Handy persons, Farmers, Horticulturists, production brazers, Jewellery manufacturers, Automotive industries etc.

The key aspect of TurboTorch™’s success is its ability to put the maximum amount of heat into the target or job. This is called ‘Target Heat’. The more target heat that can be applied to the job, the faster the job will reach brazing temperature and therefore the faster the task can be accomplished. This is achieved through TurboTorch™’s patented Swirl Combustion system. By concentrating the ignition and flame inside the TurboTorch™ tip, the resulting flame on the end of the tip is exposed to limited heat loss to atmosphere resulting in more targeted heat into the job. When the flame burns on the tip end, we call this a Secondary Combustion style of tip. By comparison this type of tip suffers from lost heat and will only achieve temperatures of 760°C for acetylene and 595°C for propane. With TurboTorch™ Swirl Combustion, temperatures of 1480°C for acetylene and 955°C for propane can be obtained.

Why so many different tips?

Because TurboTorch™ is designed to put the maximum amount of heat into the work, they should always be run with the correct flame adjustment. Tips are carefully matched to orifice size to produce the optimum mix of fuel and air. Once the correct flame adjustment is set, increasing the amount of fuel to the tip will not produce additional heat (in fact it will decrease). The orifice can not deliver any more gas. Upgrading to a larger orifice will also detrimentally affect tip performance as orifice size is matched to air intake holes machined into the tip. This means as you change copper pipe sizes, you must also match TurboTorch tips.